Gospel Keyboard Instruction

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Gospel Keyboard Instruction - plain and simple


Do you want to learn how to play gospel keyboard? This is a great place to start. Check out the lessons on the video page. View the song that you like and buy the lesson that explains the notes, the theory and the technique - for just a couple of bucks. Download the lesson to your own computer and play it over and over until you master the notes, runs, chords and patterns.


idwKeyboard is a site that focuses on quality lessons for gospel stylings. There is no other fluff, no advertising, no email lists, no forum boards, no passwords, no promotional gimmicks and no special sales. This is gospel keyboard instruction - plain and simple.



DVD or Digital Download?

There are no DVD’s here. This is a site where you download a .wmv windows media file to your computer immediately after paying using your credit card or Paypal.

Apple product?

The Microsoft Media Player is free for the Mac. For the Ipad, there are apps for playing windows media files. Newly released files are in the mp4 format.